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When you make a mistake or discover you don’t have a much needed skill, what’s your reaction?

Is it…

I’m screwed! I don’t know how to do that. I’m gonna be stuck in this mediocre job forever.

Or do you think…

Oh, interesting. I haven’t figured that out yet. I should see if there’s a Skillshare class about that….

What’s the difference? It’s more than just a glass half full or half empty attitude. The difference is called a growth mindset.

When you look at a problem as something to be solved instead of reflection of failure or unworthiness, it does affect how easily you can overcome it.

Think about the difference between:

I can’t convince them.


I haven’t convinced them yet.

Really feel it in your bones. If you are thinking the first statement, what are you likely to do next? Perhaps screw around on Buzzfeed or eat those cheesecake leftovers you’ve been hoarding? Something to make you feel better. If you’re thinking not yet, with a growth mindset, what’s running through your mind? Maybe nothing but hope. Maybe it’s ideas on what to do next.

Another example. There’s a huge mindset shift between:

I don’t do usability testing. I don’t know how.


Usability testing? Hmm. That might be interesting. I’ve been looking for a challenge.

That’s it? That’s it. It’s that simple. Short and sweet.

It’s all about what you focus on. Do you focus on what you haven’t done, or what you could someday do?

Want more? Check out this TED talk on the subject:

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